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National Chapter and Membership Coordinator

Carla Beyer-Smolin as been a part of HLAA since 1990s working in both the chapter and membership departments. During Carla’s time with HLAA in previous years she coordinated the Children’s Workshops for our conventions. She developed and managed "Heroes for Hearing Loss," a mentoring program for children with hearing loss. Carla has also helped created some key publications. She wrote the “ADA Begins with You” column in our then hard-copy publication, "SHHH News," that went to chapters.

She also created and published the "SHHH Ventures" newsletter that went to young adults with hearing loss. Taking a leave from the organization to raise her family and is now back with the HLAA family. She looks forward to connecting and working with our membership and strengthening our chapter network to help make a difference for people living with hearing loss and their families. Carla met her husband, Mark, through the SHHH Young Adults Group. They live in Maryland and have two children, a son in college and a teen-age daughter.

Hearing and Music Appreciation

After reading an article an article in The Hearing Journal titled: The Importance of Music Appreciation for CI users, I recognized the need to spend more time with my playlists. The article so truly points out that enjoying music is necessary and even vital to some of us, and perhaps, a quality of life issue.… Read more »


Tuesday, May 19, 2020 12:30 pm Educational & Social Support Ask The Audiologist Dr. Kristin DesErmia, Au.D. Lakewood Ranch This is an opportunity to: • get answers to your questions about your hearing loss, hearing aids or hearing problems • get a second opinion on a lingering issue • learn how to get more out… Read more »

HLAA Miami

Hearing Loss Association of America_ Miami Chapter. Good evening Shari, Holly and I wanted to share with you all a 2 minute video of our Saturday‘s Virtual Meeting Let the images speak for themselves. See” you at our next meeting, Saturday June 6, 2pm ET. The topic is Advocacy & Impact: Effective Communication in Healthcare… Read more »

We Need to Hear

Can an inability to hear affect brain tissue? Apparently so. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have shown that areas of the brain can atrophy from lack of sound. According to the study, people with uncorrected hearing loss might be more prone to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and experience anxiety, depression, and diminished social contact. Additionally,… Read more »

We Need More Hearing Awareness

Last week, a retired physician and good friend of mine, sent me an article from the New England Journal of Medicine. The piece, written by a Cochlear Implant Surgeon, made some very good points about hearing loss in general and the need for the medical community to be aware of how cochlear implants and hearing… Read more »