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National Chapter and Membership Coordinator

Carla Beyer-Smolin as been a part of HLAA since 1990s working in both the chapter and membership departments. During Carla’s time with HLAA in previous years she coordinated the Children’s Workshops for our conventions. She developed and managed "Heroes for Hearing Loss," a mentoring program for children with hearing loss. Carla has also helped created some key publications. She wrote the “ADA Begins with You” column in our then hard-copy publication, "SHHH News," that went to chapters.

She also created and published the "SHHH Ventures" newsletter that went to young adults with hearing loss. Taking a leave from the organization to raise her family and is now back with the HLAA family. She looks forward to connecting and working with our membership and strengthening our chapter network to help make a difference for people living with hearing loss and their families. Carla met her husband, Mark, through the SHHH Young Adults Group. They live in Maryland and have two children, a son in college and a teen-age daughter.

What Does Hearing Loss Look Like

We all know what hearing loss is, but what does it look like? I’m often asked how I feel about my hearing loss, how I treat it, and how I cope. Truthfully, I ignore the fact that I don’t hear normally, slap in my hearing aids, and hope for the best. Yet, there are days… Read more »

To Hear Or Not

There is an advantage with hearing loss. When craving silence, you can lower the volume or turn off your aids or cochlear implant. You can tune out most anything, music, traffic noise, talkative flight attendants, and restless children on a long flight. Every night, I enjoy blissful silence after placing my aids in their recharging… Read more »

A reminder Hearing Facts From Twitter

Merv Daniels May has passed which was the designated month for Better Speech and Hearing Awareness. But the quest and the journey for us doesn’t end and this is a reminder why 1 out of 8 people in the United Staes suffer from hearing loss in both ears Men are more likely than women to… Read more »

HLAA National Virtual Meeting

HLAA National Virtual Meeting June 6, 2–3:30 p.m. (ET) Speakers: Toni Iacolucci, MSW Elaine McCaffrey, Patient Advocate & Member, HLAA Board of Directors Topic: Advocacy & Impact: Effective Communication in Health Care Settings Special Guests: Zina Jawadi, Member, HLAA Board of Directors Richard Einhorn: Chairperson, HLAA Board of Directors Moderators: Holly Cohen, Hearing Health Advocate… Read more »