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National Chapter and Membership Coordinator

Carla Beyer-Smolin as been a part of HLAA since 1990s working in both the chapter and membership departments. During Carla’s time with HLAA in previous years she coordinated the Children’s Workshops for our conventions. She developed and managed "Heroes for Hearing Loss," a mentoring program for children with hearing loss. Carla has also helped created some key publications. She wrote the “ADA Begins with You” column in our then hard-copy publication, "SHHH News," that went to chapters.

She also created and published the "SHHH Ventures" newsletter that went to young adults with hearing loss. Taking a leave from the organization to raise her family and is now back with the HLAA family. She looks forward to connecting and working with our membership and strengthening our chapter network to help make a difference for people living with hearing loss and their families. Carla met her husband, Mark, through the SHHH Young Adults Group. They live in Maryland and have two children, a son in college and a teen-age daughter.

The ADA and The Hearing Loss Community – FL HLA Presentation July 8, 2020

The ADA and The Hearing Loss Community – FL HLA Presentation July 8, 2020

  To Educate About the ADA’s Mandate Concerning Effective Communication Under Title III and Title II of the ADA The Application of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act  Hospitals, Doctor Visits, and COVID 19- Rights and Challenges Service Animals and Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, and Other Businesses Captioning and Sign Language Interpreters and TV Reports By… Read more »

2020 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Hurricane Preparedness Guide Image

  Download the Preparedness PDF Guide here. View the Powerpoint slide presentation files here.     This is a first-ever! We at ASL Services Inc., HQ Kissimmee, Florida have produced a comprehensive 2020 Hurricane Guide in English, Spanish, ASL, and DeafBlind access. All four versions are attached to this email. This is the first of… Read more »

Face Masks and Hearing Loss: Practical Tips and Strategies

webinar Face Masks and Hearing Loss Practices and Strategies

With audiologist Ellen Lafargue and Carolyn Ginsburg Stern—Mastering communication while wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing is especially difficult for people with hearing loss because of reduced visual and auditory input. This webinar shared practical tips and strategies that can make interactions easier and help you feel more in control. The webinar has… Read more »

Hearing Sounds Once Again

In January, and at my audiologist’s suggestion, I began a thirty-day, free trial of a pair of hearing aids with artificial intelligence. By months end, I was hooked on this new technology and traded in my Oticon OPN aids for the OPN S aids. Those of us suffering from sensorineural hearing loss have difficulty hearing… Read more »

The Relunctant Hearing Device Wearers

When I meet a new person with hearing loss, we generally end up talking about our mutual problems, how it is hard to hear in noise, how we miss too many words, the difficulties we face when conversing. We might say that living a hermit’s life is not so bad. In the end, we decide… Read more »