How to Join or Renew HLAA Membership

Welcome to Hearing Loss Association of Florida (HLAA-FL) and Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)!

We are the country’s leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss and are thankful to see your interest in joining our team! Simply conttact us at [email protected] We can assist you in locating local support groups,or chapters, and link you to our National organization through HLAA. Through our local support groups, State Association and National, we work together in a united mission to provide information, support and advocacy to people directly affected by hearing loss. The HLAA-Florida team works together to assess how better to serve you. Join us to obtain information about hearing loss and share your thoughts, stories and suggestions and pass it on.


To join (or renew!), simply click on the National HLAA website: and follow the steps to join our team. When you join HLAA, you are automatically a member of HLA-FL and we welcome you! Then you may click on to locate a local support group near you. Join our support groups, or Chapters, once monthly for conversations and presentations to learn more about resources and assistance to make a difference for those dealing with hearing loss. You are not alone, ever. There are Chapters nationwide and they look forward to hearing from YOU! Should you fail to see a Chapter in your area: Simply click on the HLAA website: to find out more about how to start a chapter.

NOTE: HLAA offers a one-year complimentary membership to veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). For this and other questions about membership, please contact [email protected]

HLAA National Membership fees entitle you to:

  • Discounts on Hearing Aids and cell phone data plans
  • Online activities such as HLAA Webinars (captioned), chat rooms, groups for young adults, parents, surveys, HLAA e-News, and more.
  • Email copy of the bi monthly Florida State Hear Ye Hear Ye Newsletter with updates of things happening around the state to help with hearing loss
  • National HLAA magazine with monthly highlights about all aspects of hearing loss
  • Automatic HLA-FL membership and option to join a local Chapter with no additional membership fees
  • Regular legislative updates as to what HLAA and HLA-FL are doing to better serve your needs
  • Ability to share your thoughts and ideas and make a difference

Would you like to hear more?

  • SoundAid Warranties provides a 10% discount on annual warranty premiums to all HLAA members.
  • Harris Communications HLAA members get a 20% discount on most items in our store.
  • Avis gives members $20 off a weekly car rental in addition to a possible 25% discount.
  • Teltex, Inc., provides HLAA members a 20% discount off selected items.
  • ClearSounds Communications gives a 20% discount at checkout to HLAA members.
  • HITEC gives a 20% discount for assistive listening devices.
  • HLAA Travel is a full-featured travel website.