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Sept. 18th – HLAA Florida State Association Quarterly Meeting 10:00am

Visit the Executive Board Meeting Page here. Call to Order Roll Call Agenda   Looking for a volunteer for Secretary Looking for a person who would be interested in State Chapter Coordinator (SCC)   Treasurer Report Joan Andres donation (scholarship) Approval from family for communication cards Collection of Dues by end of September according to…

August 27th – Online Happiest Happy Hour!

Join us for the fun once again! When: Friday, August 27th online at 5:30pm  

August 11 – How AI Is Changing Hearing Assistance

View / Download the PowerPoint   Hearing Loss Association of America – Sarasota/Manatee Chapter When: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 – 5:30 pm ONLINE Watch the replay:      If you struggle hearing speech in noisy situations, you won’t want to miss this presentation! Dr. Bruce Sharpe explains how artificial intelligence (AI) can help you live…

The Walk4Hearing is the only nationwide event bringing attention to hearing loss

FL HLAA It’s a Team Effort I’ve joined the Walk4Hearing as a team captain to bring attention to hearing loss and promote the importance of hearing health. The Walk4Hearing is a memorable event that raises funds, increases awareness, and celebrates the community. Let’s Hear Now and Be Well Together. Join Tanya’s Team! Walk4Hearing is about bringing people…

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc. (FAAST)

We’ve added an other valuable resource to our website. Please visit https://www.hla-fl.org/helpful-links-and-resources/ to learn more. Below the links is the “blurb” we use to summarize FAAST. Feel free to share these with anyone. FAAST.org Assistive Technology Short-Term Device Loan Library Assistive Technology Financing Program (New Horizon Loan Program) FAAST Annual Report 2020 Information and Service…


HURRICANE READINESS Protect Your Valuable Documents (page 4) Preparing to Shelter in Place or Evacuate (page 5) EXTREME WEATHER Tornado Signs & Safety (page 6) Flood Facts (page 7) SPECIAL NEEDS Planning Ahead & Registries (page 10), and much more… Download the disaster Resource Guide for Older Adults below (by clicking the down arrow)

Hurricane Preparation Guide 2021 Season Guide

Are You Really Prepared for Hurricane Season? You may also be interested in seeing the 2021 Season Guide by clicking here or the 2021 Disaster Resource Guide by clicking here.

July 7 – How to Properly Prepare for a Hurricane in Florida

Preparing for a hurricane when you have hearing loss requires pre-planning.

July 14 – How to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant

Watch the Replay     Anyone with a hearing device will benefit from Dr. Victoria Moore’s presentation. Download or access the PowerPoint Presentation (.PPTX) here. Use Google Slides to view it below.    

July 20 – “Lessons Learned about My Hearing Loss” RAP Session #2 Summer Session

To REGISTER for this ZOOM Meeting: email: [email protected] or Text (727) 271-0770 Facilitators: Eloise Schwarz, Hearing Loss Support Specialist & Debbe Hagner, Peer Mentor

July 30 – Happy Hour! Let’s Celebrate Those Who Enriched Our Hearing Journey!

July 30th is International Friendship Day and all attendees to our Happy Hour are welcomed to toast someone who made a difference in their hearing journey. Join Us!  Friday, July 30 5:30 PM – Online Party! Email [email protected] to request the meeting link

AUG 4 – Hearing Loss – Its Effect on the Brain, Cognitive Function & Social Relationships

Download the PowerPoint file here. Hearing Loss Effect on Brain, Cognitive Functions & Social Relationships by Meg Wallhagen Watch the replay
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