Author: HLAA Florida

What’s does your chapter vision board look like?

The State Chapter Coordinator wants to hear from you!  Trends show we must be more innovative and creative to meet the needs of our members. What’s does your vision board look like. Chapter leaders are asked to create a digital vision board and send it to the State Chapter Coordinator by email by March 31,… Read more »

HLAA 2020 Introduces Keynote Speaker

Introducing Keynote Speaker Author David Owen David Owen is a staff writer for The New Yorker and author of his new book Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World. David will address the medical, emotional, and social aspects of hearing loss, along with some surprising revelations about technology and hearing aids. He will explore the… Read more »

A Vision for Better Hearing

“The silent epidemic of hearing loss is spreading, and the cost of untreated hearing loss is growing. If we provide an affordable, self-administered solution to hearing loss, we will help children to succeed more in learning, adults to be more efficient at work, and the elderly to stay active and connected to other people. We… Read more »

HLAA2020 Convention Registration

HLAA2020 Convention Registration Early Bird Registration Deadline is Next Week! Discounted rates end March 2. Online registration is quicker and easier than ever! Register online State organization and chapter leaders, veterans, and speakers please register offline by downloading your corresponding form and sending it via mail, email, or fax back to HLAA. You can find… Read more »

HLAA 2020 Early Bird Registration

Less than One Week Left for Early Bird Pricing! Did you know that the HLAA2020 Convention will be taking place within driving distance of you? It’s true! Come to the largest communication-accessible event in the country for people with hearing loss. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and explore NOLA! Don’t miss your chance… Read more »