Author: Linda Bilodeau

I’ve grappled with hearing loss since 1978. Through it all, I’ve faced periods of denial, acceptance, curiosity, trust and hope. But more often than not, I’ve felt annoyed, angry and frightened. I’ve encountered despair, loneliness and envy. I’ve experienced panic attacks. I’ve met understanding people, kind souls who helped me a great deal and others who thought I had nothing short of an invisible plague.

As a way of coming to terms with my hearing loss, I’ve decided to put my feelings about my disability down on paper. My hope is to better understand myself and perhaps you’ll find a little something in my meanderings that will help you, too.

The Hearing Loves In Our Lives

We all express our loving feelings to our spouses and significant others on Valentine’s Day. But for me the day as a broader meaning, one where I like to remember my dear friends and all the wonderful people who help me hear. Shakespeare said that friends are those who know you as you are. No… Read more »

Are You Different Because You Can’t Hear?

I had six people over for dinner the other night. Among my guests were a couple my husband and I have known for some time. They are lovely people, and the four of us often get together for a night out. These friends know I have a profound hearing loss and they help me by… Read more »

Hearing Loops for the home

  A friend of mine who suffers from hearing loss told me he installed a home hearing loop. Like me, he has difficulty hearing the characters of his favorite television programs. Like most of us who wear aids or cochlear implants, he invested in numerous television adaptors, which he purchased whenever he changed hearing aids.… Read more »

Hearing Health Resolutions

We don’t often think of our hearing in the same way that we think about our other health issues. We get wellness physicals, have our blood pressure checked, blood drawn, perhaps an x-ray or two. Unfortunately we don’t always put our hearing into the same category, and often, tucked it away as not being important.… Read more »