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I’ve grappled with hearing loss since 1978. Through it all, I’ve faced periods of denial, acceptance, curiosity, trust and hope. But more often than not, I’ve felt annoyed, angry and frightened. I’ve encountered despair, loneliness and envy. I’ve experienced panic attacks. I’ve met understanding people, kind souls who helped me a great deal and others who thought I had nothing short of an invisible plague.

As a way of coming to terms with my hearing loss, I’ve decided to put my feelings about my disability down on paper. My hope is to better understand myself and perhaps you’ll find a little something in my meanderings that will help you, too.

What Happens If You Suddenly Lose Your Hearing

Meandering Through A Hearing World What Happens If You Suddenly Lose Your Hearing Sudden Hearing Loss. I’ve read the stories. Perhaps you’ve suffered from SHL. Most people notice symptoms upon waking. There’s the sensation of fullness in one of your ears, as if water has flooded your ear canal. You hear a popping sound followed…
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Learn More About Hearing Loss

Meandering Through A Hearing World   In conversing with friends, I discovered we have the similar problem of how to fill our long afternoons during the pandemic. Some of these women are full of ideas and have adopted new hobbies such as reading the classics, learning a language, or ramping up their culinary skills, preparing…
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All About Tinnitus

Meandering Through A Hearing World   All About Tinnitus Is a ringing, roaring, hissing, or buzzing sound in your ears driving you crazy? If so, chances are you are among the 10% of people in the United States suffering from Tinnitus, a symptom of underlying disease or hearing loss that occurs equally in men, women,…
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Should Your Pandemic Puppy Be A Hearing Dog

Meandering Through A Hearing World   Coping with the threat of coronavirus isn’t easy, and to help manage the stress of these uncertain days, many people welcomed a new dog into their lives. If you suffer from hearing loss and if you are thinking of getting a dog, you might want to consider a hearing…
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Meandering Through A Hearing World THE ADA AND YOU If you suffer from hearing loss, you might wonder how the law protects you. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, making it illegal to discriminate against anyone with a disability. Initially the law only protected those who were deaf, but in 2008,…
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Are Hearing and Emotions Connected?

Meandering Through A Hearing World   Scientists are studying the emotional wellbeing of those with hearing loss for good reason. It is possible to lose the ability to hear the underlying emotional meaning of sounds. This may sound odd, because if you hear normally, you automatically pick up the emotional aspect of sound. Think of…
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Your Hearing Potential

How important is it to treat a hearing problem? This question often comes up with those newly diagnosed with hearing loss, particularly if the hearing loss is mild. Some refuse a hearing aid or cochlear implant, saying they are getting by without intervention. In fact, it usually takes seven years after the initial diagnosis of…
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Hearing Sounds Once Again

In January, and at my audiologist’s suggestion, I began a thirty-day, free trial of a pair of hearing aids with artificial intelligence. By months end, I was hooked on this new technology and traded in my Oticon OPN aids for the OPN S aids. Those of us suffering from sensorineural hearing loss have difficulty hearing…
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The Relunctant Hearing Device Wearers

When I meet a new person with hearing loss, we generally end up talking about our mutual problems, how it is hard to hear in noise, how we miss too many words, the difficulties we face when conversing. We might say that living a hermit’s life is not so bad. In the end, we decide…
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Overcoming Hearing Frustrations

I’ve watched my husband converse with our friends and noticed their conversations flowing from one topic to the next, without a hearing incident. It seems he catches every word, even in noise. My dear man answers questions or throws in a comment or opinion, without worrying about being off topic. Like most people with normal…
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